Six Points of Posture

By: Vince Horn

As we focus on our sitting posture there are six points that we want to cover. Each of these points is an important part of an overall posture that will allow us to be more steady and engaged in our meditation practice. The first point is our seat, where we’re sitting and how. There are few options for how one can take a seat in meditation. One is in a chair, the other is on a cushion with your legs crossed in front of you. The last is kneeling on the floor on a bench or a large cushion. It’s important that you find a seat that is comfortable where you can stay relatively still for an extended period of time. The second point of posture has to do with the placement of your hands. Here we’ll give you a couple options, one resting them on your thighs, the other resting on your lap. The third point of posture has to do with your eyes. Do you keep our eyes open in meditation, or do your close them? Here both are going to be an option and will go into the pros and cons of each. The fourth point of posture is related to your physical balance--in particular how you’re balanced in space. The fifth point of posture is alignment, and specifically your physical alignment with the force of gravity. The sixth and final point of posture is what we call attitude, and it’s the mental and emotional attitude that most accurately reflects all the previous points of posture. It’s the combination of both ease and alertness that allows us to feel settled, not just physically but also emotionally and mentally.

These are the six points of posture.

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