At some point the arc of the ceremony will start to come to a natural end. As we “come down” the first part of this phase involves recognizing that things are coming to a close. Use your intuition to recognize when things are ending and acknowledge it. It’s always possible to prematurely assume that things are wrapping up, and since some of these psychedelics can come on in waves I’d recommend waiting a bit, even after you think things are coming to a close.

In the very final moments of closing you can extinguish the flame on the altar and bow to formally close up. This physical gesture marks the final end point of the formal ceremony. It brings closure.


After the ceremony is complete spend some time reflecting on how it went, either by yourself, or with your fellow psychonauts. Make sure and look back at the intention you set and reflect on how the rest of the session related to that intention. What was experienced and what is being learned? And also, what are you grateful for? Gratitude is the practice of recognizing what’s good. It breaks us from the spell of cynicism and shines a light on our unrecognized areas of privilege.


One way to make your reflections more powerful is to journal them. Actually spend some time writing down your reflections, making note of any earth shattering insights, especially those that you'll want to continue working with in practice. Integration is definitely the hardest part of this process, as it involves taking deep existential & psychological insights and translating them into compassionate action.

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